inGenius currently is offering Sunday enrichment classes @ HuaXia Chinese School (2016 Fall Semester )

RoomClass Name Class DecriptionAge
H-103Adventure in Block Programming - Scratch (电脑编程启蒙)Let your imagination run wild in this multimedia adventure. Scratch is a fun and easy way for kids to learn the basics of programming using snap-together code blocks to build working programs. Following topics will be introduced:
Variables, Conditions, Loops, Lists (Arrays), String processing, Nested conditions, Nested loops, Multi-threading, Matrices, Functions.
6 yrs+
H-108Learning Java with Alice 3 - Introduction to Programming (电脑编程初级班)Students discover key 3D game development concepts including game planning, character movement, collision detection, in-game dialogue and playability. They will learn Object-Oriented programming principles in a Java enabled environment. Following topics will be introduced: Variables, Data types, Conditions, Loops, Lists (Arrays), Nested conditions, Nested loops, Multi-threading, Events, Classes, Alice Functions, Alice Methods.8 yrs+
3:30pm – 5:00pm
RoomClass Name Age
H-103Presentation by Design: Graphic Design, Prezi and Video EditingThis class will teach hands-on discovery of all the elements of a successful
presentation: your message, storytelling, visuals and oratory. This camp provides a quick guide for creating your own presentation from
scratch, or improving an existing one, using the 10-step Extreme Presentation method. The Extreme Presentation method takes a
marketing approach to presentation design: focusing on how to “sell” your ideas to your audience. In this class students will learn how to
use different tools like Prezi to make eye catching presentation.
8 yrs+

Enrichment Class Registration @ HuaXia:
Multiple classes are allowed for each student.
Students enrolled in Chinese Program – log into your student account on school website, choose Enrichment Program, then choose class and click on “Enroll me”. Student will be directed to course website if registration is successful. Check student email account for registration confirmation.
Students not enrolled in Chinese Program – register with the instructors in class (print and sign this form and bring it with a check with full payment).
For more details, please click to view San Diego HuaXia Chinese School’s Enrichment Class Registration Instruction.

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