USACO Awards List

Congratulation to inGenius students who participated and passed USA Computing Olympiad contests:

December 2016 awards list:


Students who passed Bronze level:

Steven Chen

Steven Chen is a junior at Westview High School who has always had a passion for STEM. He began learning Java programming at inGenius two years ago, and has worked to develop his skills ever since. He loves the problem solving aspects of programming, and co-founded a club, the Software Development Association, at his high school to further pursue his interests in computer science. In addition, he participates in the First Robotics Competition team at his high school, where he has a primary role in software, and is the team captain of a First Tech Challenge team called Inspiration. Besides STEM, Steven also has a passion for swimming, and is on his high school’s JV swim team. In the previous December, he competed in the USA Computing Olympiad and achieved Silver.


Derek Liu

Derek Liu is a sixth grader who goes to Sycamore Ridge Elementary School. He is interested in Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Chess, and Computer Programming. He used to like Rubik’s cubes and has 17 different types of rubik’s cubes. He participated in the USACO December 2016 Contest. He also plans on taking the next few USACO contests in the next levels.
InGenius, which he likes a lot, has taught him a lot about computer programming, from the basics to Depth and Breadth-First Search. He is planning on going there for his third summer. The reasons why he likes InGenius are that he likes the teachers and likes the food. Also, InGenius isn’t boring. It’s not strict. It’s just perfect. Since the classes have smaller size, each student receives more individual attention.

Elden Ren

Elden Ren is an 8th grader at Pacific Trails Middle School. He took the inGenius classes for 3D Game Design, Java 1, Java 2, and Java 3. In his free time, Elden enjoys reading, traveling, spending time with friends, and playing basketball in his backyard.

Ronak Shah

Ronak Shah is a high school software developer who’s favorite languages are Swift and Python. He also dabbles in C++ (to use Open CV) and JavaScript (for websites). In his free time, Ronak can be found developing an app, creating a website, or relaxing with his favorite video game, Team Fortress 2. Ronak’s favorite projects are always published to his website at


Georges Troulis

Georges Troulis became passionate about Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from a young age, building several fun projects with his Arduino microcontroller in his free time. He strives to increase his personal knowledge of those fields through enrolling in online classes such as CS50 by Harvard, academic classes like AP Computer Science, school clubs like Robotics and Cyber Security, and several other opportunities presented to him such as the USA Computing Olympiad. His goals are to not only master those fields for himself, but also to increase awareness of them and make people in his community passionate about engineering, either by teaching his skills to small audiences while providing hands-on activities and equipment, or via mentoring younger robotics teams and getting them excited to participate in their teams challenges. He has been recognized for his contributions to his robotics team as the Innovator in 2015 and the Engineer of the Year in 2016, and also as a FIRST Dean’s List Finalist in 2016 for his immense efforts to spread the word of engineering and the ideals of FIRST Robotics. He seeks to study Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in college, continuing along the path of engineering.

Christine Yang

Christine Yang is a 7th grader at Muirlands Middle School and enjoys playing piano, doing math, and computer programming in Java.  She is currently in USACO’s Silver level and hopes to make Gold in the next months.


Honorable mentioned participants:



Kevin Liu is a 4th grader at Salona Ranch Elementary School. A native of California, Kevin began to study programming at the age of seven as one of the “oldest” student at inGenius summer camp. He found so fascinating to take all kinds of computer and engineering classes at inGenius and that becomes the best part of his summer memory for the past two years. He also believes that he will be ready to start his career as a real software engineer in a few years:) In his spare time, Kevin enjoys a variety of outdoor activities, jogging, swimming, hiking and tennis.  
Ethan Sun is a 7th grader at Oak Valley Middle School. He started to program in Scratch when he was eight. He is passionate about programming and game development and has been an inGenius students ever since. He enjoys traveling and playing games.
Tyler Xiao, 10, is a 5th grader at Monterey Ridge Elementary School. He has been learning Java with Dr. Sun over two years. He is currently enrolled in the Computer Olympiad and is willing to take the challenge. Aside from computer programming, he enjoys playing Cello and loves to engage in Lego Robotics. He is also a cheerful boy with enthusiasm in playing WaterPolo and traveling with family and friends.

Alex Xu is a 5th grade student at Ocean Air School. He entered the computer programming world through an iPad game called Hopscotch, in which he can create simple 2D games. He had showed so much interest in it that his parents decided to enroll him in a series of inGenius classes and summer camps. He loves them all. Not only did he gain knowledge about computer language and programming, he also has a lot of fun.
Other than programming, Alex also enjoys his computer games, YouTube videos, and Pokemon cards.


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