inGenius STEAM Summer Programs

STEAM Summer Camp
Enriching mind where creativity thrives……
We are offering multiple weeks summer education for gifted and talented youth programs that combine challenging academics with social, cultural, and recreational opportunities to nurture students’ social skill, as well as enhance their natural talents and abilities.
inGenius curriculum is uniquely designed to develop critical, complex and creative thinking.
Summer programs are available in several areas including: STREAM (Science, Technology, Read & Writing, Engineering, Art, and Math), multi-languages, sports, and visual and performing arts.

Summer Camp Programs At a Glance

Computational Thinking/Artificial Intelligence

  • Computational Thinking without Coding
  • Computing Olympiad for Jr. with Scratch/Alice 3
  • Java/C++ Programming
  • Computing Olympiad Algorithm Workshop

Science & Engineering

  • Hands-on Science (Physics/Chemistry/Biology)
  • Spy & CSI Camps
  • Lego Robotics & Visual Programming
  • Maker: LittleBits™ + Arduino
  • Rocketry & Space Simulation

Design Thinking

  • Performing Art
  • Minecraft™ Game Design & Java Mod
  • Digital Art Studio & Graphic Design
  • Digital Filming & Visual Effects
  • Web Design & Blog Writing
  • Art of Presentation
  • Fashion Design

Leadership & Management 

  • Young Entrepreneur
  • Leaders in Training
  • Debate & Public Speaking
  • Finance & Management for Jr.
  • Reading & Writing Communication


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