Sunday Enrichment Programs @ CCA

Starting in 2019, inGenius will offer Sunday enrichment programs at Canyon Crest Academy during the school year.
Address: 5951 Village Center Loop Rd
San Diego, CA 92130

Enrollment by semester:
Fall Semester: Sept 22, 2019 to Jan 26, 2020 (15 sessions, 1.5 hours per session, in fall 2019)
Spring Semester: Feb 02, 2020 to April 19, 2020 (10 sessions, 2 hours per session, in spring 2020)

Tuition and materials fee per semester:

  • Java Programming (per semester): $399 tuition + $25 materials
  • USA Computing Olympiad Workshop (per semester): $449 tuition + $25 materials

Discounts and Specials:

  • Sibling Discount: Get 5% Sibling Discount off the lower tuition amount for families enrolling two or more students.

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Class Description

Java Programming I (Fall Semester)
& Java Programming II  (Spring Semester)
Age: 9 years old & up

This course provides an introduction to the Java/C++ programming language with a focus on procedural programming and brief instruction to object-oriented concept. Students will learn:
Data types, Variables, Conditions, Loops, Arrays, String processing, Nested conditions, Nested loops, Functions, Classes, Introduction to basic sorting and binary search.

USA Computing Olympiad Workshop (Fall & Spring Semester) 
Age: 10 years old & up

This is a class for students who participate in USACO contests and training. All new participants in USACO contests start out in the bronze division, and those who score particularly well in their current division will be promoted to the next division for future contests. The workshops will build on top of our regular computer classes and are problem solving-based and the curriculum is aligned with USA Computing Olympiad (USACO).
Eligibility Requirements (meet one of the following requirements):
– Took Java/C++ Programming Level  I & II
– Took AP Computer Science course

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