Summer Weekly Themes Camps

Mad Science Super-Stars.fw
Mad Science Super-Stars: Join Mad Science and become a Super-Star! Learn about famous scientists and inventors who were stars in their field of expertise. Follow in their footsteps as we equip you with the science skills needed to rise to the top. Together with your teammates you will build super structures, create a volcanic eruption and examine rocks formed from volcanic magma. Soar high above as you build a kite and experiment with lift, aerodynamics and air pressure. Discover the secret behind the stars and make a star chart. Take home projects will choose by instructors from: magnetic soccer game, rocket racer, star locator, kite, animal track, crystal garden and more!
Robot Recruit.fw
Robot Recruit:  Join Mad Science for an introduction to robots! Throughout the week, campers will become robot engineers as they build a unique motorized robot that transforms into four unique creatures, each increasing in difficulty. Discover the inner workings of robots by experimenting with circuits, gears, sensors and power supplies. Learn about robot programming and the different tasks robots perform in our world. Experiment with sound sensing, line tracking and solar powered robots. Take home projects will choose by instructors from: EM4 Robot, Bugbot, Robot Hand and more!

Chess Camp:
by Mountain Lake Chess Camp
Chess is a great workout for mathematical muscles. It’s problem-solving. Students learn to think ahead, evaluate multiple alternatives and anticipate consequences. They improve spatial reasoning, visual memory and attention span while learning good judgment, reasoning power and self-confidence.
International Master Larry Evans and staff teach chess in 33 schools throughout San Diego County. Larry Evans’ teaching technique, dubbed “THE EVANS METHOD” by the United States Chess Federation, includes instruction, formal and casual play and a team event on a giant, Harry Potter like chess set, cumulative merit system rewards camper participation. Points earn campers prizes at the end of each day and a trophy at the end of each week. This Method featured on The Tonight Show and Inside Edition. The Evans Method makes chess fun for children of all ages and levels. Every camper gets prizes and a trophy!

2016 Summer Camp Schedule coming soon

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