Summer Camps

2015 Summer Camp

  • Learn to write, animate, direct and edit engaging 3D animation movies.
  • Create interactive 3D games with game planning, character movement, collision detection, and in-game dialogue.
  • Be immersed in modern Object-Oriented programming principle. throughout the entire curriculum.

Ages 6-8

Computing Olympiad Jr.: Scratch Adventure

Let your imagination run wild in this multimedia adventure.
Scratch is a fun and easy way for kids to learn the basics of programming using snap-together code blocks to build working programs

Ages 8-12


Minecraft 3D Game Design
Students learn to build Minecraft® world, create adventure maps, and modify game elements. They will be guided from design to production and explore the many roles and tasks required to design modern 3D games.



Minecraft MOD Design
Students learn the fundamentals of Java programming by creating their own Minecraft Mod. In the process of designing and coding their own Mod, students will learn the most important concepts of object-oriented computer programming.



Mobile Game Design and Development
Students learn to design and program 2D game apps for Android and IOS devices. They learn both development skills and principles of design in an exciting game environment.


Computing Olympiad Jr.: Introduction to Java Programming
Students discover key 3D game development concepts including game planning, character movement, collision detection, in-game dialogue and playability. They will learn Object-Oriented programming principles in a Java enabled environment.

Bits Engineering: Engineering and Space Science
Using both computer programs and hands-on experiments, kids learn about electrical engineering, structural design and space flight. It’s a chance to introduce kids to a wide range of Science subjects while exploring the science behind electronics, architecture and flight.

Ages 8-12


 Computing Olympiad Beginner Level

This course provides an introduction to the Java programming language with a focus on procedural programming and quick instruction to object-oriented concept.

Ages 12-17


 Computing Olympiad Intermediate Level and Advanced Level

These courses have more in-depth coverage of algorithm to prepare students for USA Computing Olympiad.


3D Game Development using C# (Unity)
Students learn intensive video game creation, visualization and production. You will use the latest software, hardware and development tools to create concepts and prototypes for 3-D video gaming.

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