Summer Camp – Third & Fourth Grade

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Course Description  

 Week 1: 6/19-6/23

3D Modeling & 3D Printing
Explore the interesting world of 3D Modeling. In the class, you’ll learn the basics of perspective scale drawings and how to use 3D software to design. You will also learn how this technology is revolutionizing social progress from rapid innovation in business to formerly unprecedented breakthroughs. This class will engage students in conceptual and practical spatial problem solving and precise geometric formulation.

Machines in Motion: Trebuchet
Students will explore the physics and construction of machines and engineering gadgets to build their own Battleship machines, in particular, Trebuchets. In this camp, Students will gain skills in engineering, creativity, and collaboration.

 Week 2: 6/26-6/30

 Rocketry & Space Simulation
The inGenius Rocket Science Summer Camp is designed to proliferate a student’s imagination about the practice and theory of space exploration and the vehicles that will take us there. This course will teach students the vocabulary and math behind rocket thrust and orbital trajectory. Students will create and test motion hypothesis using model rockets and they will explore rocket building and space travel using the rocket simulation software.

 Under the Microscope
Students will learn scale and size and proper use of microscopes. Students then examine and compare one-celled and multi-cellular organisms. One of the topics will include cell structure, nutrient needs, and growth. Students will learn to appreciate the complexities of familiar things such as newsprint, fibers, or blades of grass. They develop laboratory skills including staining, and DNA extraction. They will also explore the various ways microscopes are used in the fields such as forensic science.

 Week 3: 7/03,05,06,07

Makers Engineering
Using both LittleBits blocks and hands-on experiments, kids learn about electrical engineering, structural design and space flight. It’s a chance to introduce kids to a wide range of science subjects while exploring the theory behind electronics, architecture and flight.

Public Speaking
Too many students have something to say but do not have the tools to speak in public effectively and with comfort. Sharpening communication abilities helps students succeed in a world that demands confidence, articulation and the ability to clearly communicate ideas. By building superior speaking skills, students will be prepared to excel in school, attain their dream jobs, defend their beliefs and values, and become leaders in their communities. This camp will be an emphasis on oral communication as well as writing skills in this course, arguing the topics of the day.

 Virtual City Design
This is a fascinating class that, through computer games, will introduce the thrill and hardships of creating and maintaining a real city. No more messing with paper, scissors and glues. Through simulation, Students will engage in urban planning by controlling your own roads, public services, transportation and more.  You’re only limited by your imagination, so take control and reach for the sky!

Acrylic & Water Color

In this camp, students will have a blast painting with acrylics and watercolor. They will create paintings on canvas and watercolor paper and learn about color theory and different painting techniques. Students will also learn best studio practices, including how to choose and protect supplies.  Your young artists will fill your home with unique and beautiful artwork by the end of this week.

Week 4: 7/10-7/14

Wizard Chemistry
The class will have many hands-on experiments. It helps students connect real-world situations with science. It will explore mixing experiments and the periodic table that describes elemental science for our young chemists.

Presentation by Design
You never get a second chance, to make a first impression! This camp teaches hands-on discovery of all the elements of a successful presentation: your message, storytelling, visuals and oratory. This camp provides a quick guide for creating your own presentation from scratch, or improving an existing one, using the 10-step Extreme Presentation method. The Extreme Presentation method takes a marketing approach to presentation design: focusing on how to “sell” your ideas to your audience. In this week kids will learn how to use different tools like PowerPoint, Prezi to make eye-catching presentation.

Being a Detective Be a detective who takes part in the Crime Scene Investigation. They will be the detective who solves the mystery of the unknown substance. The kids will use forensic science lab techniques in a criminal investigation which will culminate in a mock trial.  Investigative techniques and courtroom procedures will be emphasized.

 Create Your Own Eco System
An ecosystem encompasses all the living things in a designated area. That means animals, plants and any other organism, and it also includes the environment they live in. The cool thing about ecosystems is when so many things combine into one. The elements of a sustainable ecosystem play off one another for survival. In this class, student will learn and create their own ecosystem. This is a perfect boot camp for our young ecologists and biologists.

Week 5: 7/17-7/21

Adventure in Programming — Scratch (MIT) Let your imagination run wild in this multimedia adventure. Scratch is a fun and easy way for kids to learn the basics of programming using snap-together code blocks to build working programs

The Ancient World 

Students will study the richness and diversity of ancient cultures that have lasting impacts on today’s world. They will examine the daily life, religions, governments and economies of the ancient civilizations. They will also explore myths, legends, and arts. Some of the interesting topics may include Greek mythology, pharaohs’ pyramid and dragons of Chinese emperors. Through group work and individual research, they will acquire critical-thinking and research skills.

 Science of Chance

Students develop a fundamental understanding of probability and statistics through fun activities and real word examples.  Students will work with both first-hand and second-hand data. They will to conduct experiments and surveys. They will also obtain data from newspapers and journals. Using the data, they will generate graphs, charts, and tables to discover patters, draw conclusions and make predictions.

 Fun with Physics

Students will critically examine topics such as light, sound, electricity and force and motion through demonstrations and hands on activities. Emphasis will be on the physics in everyday life. They will learn topics such as molecular structure through crystals, electricity through experiments.

 Multi Media: Explorations in Arts 

Working in a variety of mediums of Visual Arts, young artists will experiment with paint, collage, found objects, and natural materials. They will develop their skills and artistic expression.

Week 6: 7/24-7/28

Marine Science  

This camp offers an exciting avenue into the oceans of our world. Through a blend of engaging education and hands-on fun, kids will discover a passion for marine biology. Whether your child simply enjoys animals or thirsts for an adventure in the seas, a marine science camp could be just what you’re looking for.

 Money Sense: Savings & Investment

Kids are fascinated by the value of money. But most aren’t taught the power of saving and investing in school or at home. Money sense for kids’ camp is a fun way to introduce important concepts such as opportunity cost and interests as well as the basics of saving and investing as a way of life. Teaching money skills to kids is more challenging in today’s high-tech world that includes debit cards, ATM’s, direct deposits, automatic deductions, credit cards, on-line bill paying, and more. Let camp help the kids get started.

How Things Work: The Science of Stuff

This class will give students a chance to discover how things work around us. That includes understanding the forces and objects and the interactions between them. Students will discuss, disassemble, and examine the world around us. Each day the class will focus on a different machine, topic, or phenomenon to explore or even to take apart.

Young Writers: Writing and Imagination 

Our children are potential authors with important stories to tell. In this class, they will read and analyze various genres including poems, short stories, and essays. They will learn the structure and strategies used by other authors of fiction for children. They will receive step by step guidance to write original stories and write to various genres using experiences and/or pure imagination; Through the process of writing, critiquing, and revising, students develop confidence in their own writing and creative powers.

Design Thinking: 3D Animation

Students will gain a deep understanding of some of the foundational principles of animation, including squash and stretch, follow-through, arcs, secondary action, timing and more. They will use the same techniques and workflows that professionals do, including the use of location and rotation keyframes, multiples cameras, and more.

Week 7: 7/31-8/04

Digital Art: Paint & Pixel

Students develop and improve their graphic design skills while mastering professional design tools. Students develop the skills necessary to research and compose digital image projects. They are encouraged to be creative, but are also taught to think of each project as a concise statement of artistic, documentary, and/or journalistic intent.

Journeys of the Great Explorers   

Students will follow famous explorers, such as Marco Polo, Zheng He, Hernán Cortés, around the world for fame, for wealth or just out of curiosity. They will also examine the impact of their expeditions on the indigenous societies. Students will also plan and conduct their own virtual explorations in groups. They will research a specific region’s culture, politics, history, and environment before and during the explorations to appreciate the diversity and commonalities of places and people around the world.

Jr. Meteorologists

Students will become meteorologists for one week and discover why weather changes! Jr. Some of the fun topics may include measuring and recording rainfall, creating a water cycle wheel, building a weather station, learning about the Greenhouse Effect, designing their own tornadoes, creating “snow” during the summer and more! 

3D Modeling: Architecture

Explore the interesting world of architecture & 3D Modeling. In the class, you’ll learn the basics of perspective and architectural scale drawings and how to use 3D CAD software to design your dream house. You will also learn how this technology is revolutionizing social progress from rapid innovation in business to formerly unprecedented technology breakthroughs. 

Comic and Cartooning

This camp is an Adventure into the Arts and Beyond. It was created by our talent teacher for the kids to explore their inner talents and abilities through a wide variety of fun and exciting activities. Do you love to read comic books, watch cartoons, or even draw funny pictures? Campers will draw, paint, and even animate during this week of cartooning fun. Learn about the invention of animation, the art of drawing a good caricature, create your own comic book.

Week 8: 8/07-8/11

History Mysteries

This camp is all about mysteries of the past. Explore archaeology, geology and paleontology while we investigate stone aged science. Our Jr. Explorers will learn about disappearing dinosaurs and ancient engineers. Have fun building pyramids and discovering how mummies were made while experimenting with some of history’s greatest mysteries.

Minecraft Game Design

Students team up to customize their own Adventure Maps and shape their own gameplay experience. Students strategically tailor unique biomes that provide players with challenges and rewards, utilize Redstone to create secret passageways, traps, access points, build safe havens with resources that help players move successfully throughout the game, and install mods that allow Students to create very distinct qualities within their Minecraft™ game.

Cuisine Art: Cooking around the world

Let the cooking extravaganza begin! Create delicious food inspired by cuisine from around the world. Culinary campers have an absolute blast learning to cook. They gain the confidence to take their new skills and knowledge home to cook for their families and friends. Here is a taste of what our culinary campers will accomplish during this week: create appetizer, salads, entrees and desserts; learning to use a wide variety of ingredients; cook according to daily themes, learn basic kitchen safety

We All Scream for Ice Cream! A Marketing Plan

Marketing is about to putting the right product in the right place, at the right price, at the right time. Students will utilize the Four P’s of the marketing mix to best bring a new product or service to market. Student will learn to define marketing options in terms of price, product, promotion, and place so that their offering meets a specific customer need or demand. One of the activities will be to determine the target market for multiple ice cream brands.

 Week 9: 8/14-8/18

Computational Thinking without Coding 

We will teach Computer Science through games and puzzles with cards, string, crayons and lots of running around. These activities will introduce students to Computational Thinking through concepts such as binary numbers, algorithms and data compression. Importantly, no coding is needed.

 Lego Robotics & Visual Programming   

Solving fun challenges using Lego EV3 Robots and learn to code motors and sensors with LEGO® MINDSTORMS! Use your programming skills to allow the robot to perform by itself.

 Painting & Drawing   

This class will introduce a variety of media and techniques. You will have the opportunity to work from observation, and explore your own personal expression.

 Week 10: 8/21-8/25

Summer Memory: Scrapbook Making 

Cool down with final farewell week. Collect the summer fun photos, along with few sentences description. Enjoy looking back at all of your favorite wonderful summer memories for years to come. Our DIY scrapbook camp is Perfect for your treasured photos of your special memories.

Creative Web and Blog Design 

Design your own web site and start your own blog in a week! This class teaches basic elements of HTML, CSS and WordPress. It also teaches students how to create blogs to share ideas.


The program includes chess instruction at multiple levels with an emphasis is on the joy of the game. Starting with simple problems to illustrate key concepts, and then moving to more intricate positions, the student will learn by playing. They will be able to integrating new information with previous knowledge while building effective thinking habits.

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