Summer Camp 2015 gallery backup

Digital Film Making I: Christmas

Digital Film Making II: Letter Song

Digital Film Making: Behind the Scene

inGenius Summer Camp: Introduction to C#
Presented by Liam

Introduction to Java Programming
Presented by Liam

Puppet Theater – Fables and Fairy Tales
Presented by Anne Hong, Annie Luo, Chace Sun, Joycelyn Zhang, Likuan Hsu, Mercy(Muxi) Zhang, Richard Hu, Roger Shi, Yunhao Xiong

Panel Study – Business Investment Strategy
Presented by Jonathan Zhou, Emma Li, Sophia Fang, Ethan Sun, Kevin Luo

Intermediate Java Programming
Presented by Michael Chen, Kevin Liu

Lego Mindstorms RobotC
Presented by Kevin Liu, Zeynep Fitoz, Ethan Sun, Benjamin Zhao, Oliver Zhou, Feiyang Xiong

Adventure in Programming – Scratch Part 1
Presented by Angle Fang, Olivia Shi, Jack Shi, Raymond Hon, Feiyang Xiong, Gordon Zhang

Adventure in Programming – Scratch Part 2
Presented by Zeynep Fitoz, Kevin Luo

Minecraft Mod Design using Java
 Presented by Kevin Liu, Jivan Achar, Eric Pei, Matthew Noto

Unity 3D Game Design
Presented by Jacob Soni, Ronin Soni

Minecraft 3D Game Design
Presented by Jonathan Zhou, Ethan Sun, FeiYang Xiong, Jonathan Wu, Dorein Zhang, Andrew Yu, Kevin Liu, Sophia Yu

Mobile App Inventor Part I
Presented by Kevin Liu

Mobile App Inventor Part II
Presented by Jonathan Wu, Tyler Xiao, Alexis Wu

Java Programming
Presented by Jivan Achar, Jacob Soni, James Ni

Alice 3 – Introduction to Java Programming
Presented by Tristan Wu, Jivan Achar, Justin Wang, Billy Chen, Eric Pei, Gordon Zhang, Raymond Hon, Jack Shi

Musical Theater
Presented by Alex Xiao, Anne Hong, Annie Luo, Chace Sun, Derek Song, Eli Yu, Gordon Zhang, Joseph Quan, Justin Wang, Sophie Wice, Vivian Xie

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