Registration @ HuaXia

Enrichment Class Registration @ HuaXia: 
Multiple classes are allowed for each student.
Students enrolled in Chinese Program – log into your student account on school website, choose Enrichment Program, then choose class and click on “Enroll me”. Student will be directed to course website if registration is successful. Check student email account for registration confirmation.
Students not enrolled in Chinese Program – register with the instructors in class (Please print and sign this form and bring it with a check with full payment).

Course Tuition:
Students enrolled in the Chinese Program – as indicated in the program schedule;
Students not enrolled in Chinese Program – Tuition plus Admission fee ($50/ course /semester).

Full tuition must be submitted to the instructors by the 2nd class meet of each semester, which is September 27, 2015, and January 24, 2016 respectively; Checks payable to “SDHXCS“.  No cash or credit card, please.

Refund:     No refund or prorate.

Trial Class:
The 1st class meet of each semester, which is September 20, 2015, and January 17, 2016, are designated as a Trial  class to allow students to explore different courses.  This class time is divided into 2 period, each period 30 minutes. Students will have a chance to visit 2 different classes, and make a final decision on the day of the 2nd class meet.

For more details, please click to view San Diego HuaXia Chinese School’s Enrichment Class Registration Instruction.

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