inGenius STEAM Summer Camp

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2020 Summer Camp 

Due to Covid-19 we will not be able to offer summer camp at Canyon Crest Academy and Dingeman Elementary School this summer. Please be well and stay safe.
Click here for the latest information about the order and coronavirus:

Congratulations on our USACO participants!

USACO-EldenRenElden Ren
Christine Yang
Ryan Bai
USACO-SteveChenSteven Chen
Peter Gao 
Rohan Juneja 
USACO-DerekLiuDerek Liu
 Evan Luo
Jason Liu
_MG_6854Kevin Liu
Raymond Peng
Eddie Qiao
USACO-RonakShahRonak Shah 
Emily Sun 
USACO-EthanSunEthan Sun 
GeorgeTroulisGeorges Troulis 


USACO-TylerXiaoTyler Xiao


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Featured Summer Programs:

* Computational Thinking Without Coding (read more)
* Block coding: Scratch, Alice 3
* Java/Python Programming
* USA Computing Olympiad Workshop
* Digital Art
* 3D Modeling
(details see Featured Courses page)

Inspire Creativity

inGenius is changing the way students learn and interact with STREAM subjects, empowering them to be creative and productive with the technology they love. Our courses provide an immersive and encouraging environment where students can learn to create Apps, Games, Mods, Animations, Programming and more!

Innovative Courses
Fun & Engaging – We are proving that learning technology and science is fun.
Project-Based – We believe students learn best by completing a project from start to finish.
Hands-on Learning – Unleash the power of learning by doing. Students learn abstract science concepts by doing science.

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