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inGenius Classes @ HuaXia Chinese School (2016 Spring Semester )

RoomClass Name Class DecriptionAge
javaH-105Java Programming IThis course provides an introduction to the Java programming language with a focus on procedural programming and quick instruction to object-oriented concept.8 yrs+
Lego_RoboticsH-108Adventure in Programming & Engineering -lego RoboticsSolve fun challenges using LEGO® MINDSTORMS! to learn to code motors and sensors with LEGO® MINDSTORMS! Use your programming skills to allow the robot to think for itself. 8 yrs+
RoomClass Name Age
javaI-110Java Programming IIIThis course has more in-depth coverage of algorithm to prepare students for USA Computing Olympiad. 10 yrs+
3:30pm – 5:00pm
RoomClass Name Age
digital_filmmakingH-108Digital Filming & Visual EffectThis class covers the fundamentals and creative aspects of filmmaking, animation, acting & directing, and editing. From developing the idea to planning the production process to screening the finished masterpiece, students will be immersed into the wonderful world of filmmaking. Students learn how to create special effects. Experience the entire production process, from screenwriting and storyboarding to editing and motion-graphic composition. 8 yrs+
makers-engineering-programmingH-103Makers: Engineering & ProgrammingStudents will experience guided and freestyle electronic and programming development with special dedication to architecture, stage craft, and real world problem solving. They will use Little Bits, Crafteeo Engineer Costuming, Arduino environment to learn the principles of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Structural Engineering and Programming.8 yrs+

Enrichment Class Registration @ HuaXia:
Multiple classes are allowed for each student.
Students enrolled in Chinese Program – log into your student account on school website, choose Enrichment Program, then choose class and click on “Enroll me”. Student will be directed to course website if registration is successful. Check student email account for registration confirmation.
Students not enrolled in Chinese Program – register with the instructors in class (print and sign this form and bring it with a check with full payment).
For more details, please click to view San Diego HuaXia Chinese School’s Enrichment Class Registration Instruction.

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