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    LittleBits Engineering

Congratulations on our USACO participants! Check out our awards list. 

InGenius USACO Reward
For those who attended our seminars or inGenius programming classes and pass any of the contest in 2016-2017 school year, claim you reward by filling inGenius USACO Reward form.
inGenius USACO Reward includes:

  • $25 gift card if passing Bronze/Silver or $50 if passing Gold/Platinum
  • Your name will be listed on our inGenius USACO Reward list on our website

Free USACO Seminars@Local School

USACO Seminars @ San Diego Local High Schools:
In December 2016, Dr. Sun gave Free USACO Seminars to the following schools. We will support students in our communities.
12/01/2016 Westview High School
12/09/2016 Del Norte High Schoolingenius.us
More to come…
If you’d like to request a seminar at your school, please fill in this form

USACO 2016-2017 Contests Schedule

Dec 16-19, 2016: First Contest
Jan 13-16, 2017: Second Contest
Feb 10-13, 2017: Third Contest
Mar 10-13, 2017: US Open
May 25-Jun 4, 2017: Training Camp (By Invitation Only)
Jul 28-Aug 4, 2017: IOI 2017

Meet Our Principal

TamiWe are delighted to announce that Mrs. Tami Johnson will serve as the principle of inGenius summer program. Read More about Tami 

Summer Registration

Summer Program 2017 is coming soon…
Please come back for Summer Program information


2017 Summer Camp Programs At a Glance

Computing Olympiad

  • MIT/Carnegie Mellon Curriculum
  • Computing Olympiad for Jr. with Scratch/Alice 3
  • Java/C++ Programming
  • Computing Olympiad Algorithm Workshop

Science & Engineering

  • Hands-on Science (Physics/Chemistry/Biology)
  • Spy & CSI Camps
  • LEGO® Mindstorms
  • LEGO® RobotC
  • Maker: LittleBits™ + Arduino
  • Rocketry
  • Space Science

Art & Creative Design

  • Performing Art
  • Minecraft™ Game Design & Java Mod
  • Photography & Graphic Design
  • Digital Filming & Visual Effects
  • Web Design & Blog Writing
  • Art of Presentation
  • Fashion Design
  • Art of Magic


  • Young Entrepreneur Boot Camp
  • Leaders in Training
  • Debate & Public Speaking
  • Finance & Investment for Jr.
  • Reading & Writing Communication

Inspire Creativity
inGenius is changing the way students learn and interact with STREAM subjects, empowering them to be creative and productive with the technology they love. Our courses provide an immersive and encouraging environment where students can learn to create Apps, Games, Mods, Animations, Programming and more!

Innovative Courses
Fun & Engaging – We are proving that learning technology and science is fun.
Project-Based – We believe students learn best by completing a project from start to finish.
Hands-on Learning – Unleash the power of learning by doing. Students learn abstract science concepts by doing science.

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